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I would unhesitatingly use GGS and Jonathan again for the depth of knowledge, creativity, technical understanding and geological expertise provided as standard. While renovating an off-grid property that required a domestic water supply, I researched several companies. My choice and confidence in GGS was certainly rewarded; with Jonathan's suggestions, input and advice being invaluable and his innovative solution to providing ground source heating from the same borehole allowing us to effectively 'kill 2 birds with one stone'. Locating groundwater at depth can be an uncertain process and I understood this, but Jonathan’s approach minimised my risk and resulted in no wasted activity. That was 2 1/2 years ago and everything is working perfectly with absolutely no problems having arisen; heating energy provided to the cottage is abundant and we now shower in a quality of water that most people can only get from a fancy bottle.

Ian Buchanan, Dalbeattie (2017)

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Groundwater & Geothermal Services (GGS) is a family-run business established in Cumbria in 2007. The company is led by Jonathan Steven, a qualified hydrogeologist who has worked for 35 years in the UK water supply borehole and geothermal heat pump industry . He is assisted by a small team of managers, technicians and recognised experts in the fields of hydrogeology and hydrochemistry. The company also has strong regional partnerships with mechanical, electrical and geothermal heat pump engineers.
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The deregulation of the water industry- an exciting opportunity.

Recent changes to legislation on commercial water supply now mean that the UK water market is set to be more competitively priced than ever. Regional utility companies no longer have a monopoly over the water market and 1.2 million businesses and charities are set to benefit. These organisations will be able to choose their supplier based on factors such as
cost per litre and service. Getting to know the new water market at this early stage will allow those businesses which are eligible, to reap the benefits of these historic changes.

What should I know?

 Changes to the UK’s water market were set in stone following the Water Act 2014 and from April 2017 the commercial water market across the whole UK was opened for business. Scotland has had a head-start (with deregulation starting in 2008), and businesses have certainly looked elsewhere for their water now that Scottish Water's monopoly no longer
applies. This is hardly surprising as changing water retailer could knock an estimated 15 to 20 percent off the average bill. With more competitive pricing expected in 2019, the potential savings are set to rise. It will certainly be commonplace to change supplier just like we are used to doing with our electricity providers. OFWAT (the water regulator in England) has granted multiple Water Supply licences since the changes in legislation, demonstrating an appetite for retailers to enter the water market and challenge the utility companies for

Director Jonathan Steven provides insight on these recent changes. “It’s a quite extraordinary change to the law whereby statutory water companies - such as United Utilities and Northumbria Water -are now obliged under the legislation to open up their network. “That can involve either allowing new water retailers to buy water at wholesale prices to resell under new brands or setting up new water companies to extract water and supply to other businesses,” he said. “It is not as straightforward as the competition in the electricity market, but it does mean that the established water utility companies no longer have a monopoly,” he added.


What are the commercial opportunities related to these recent changes in legislation?

While businesses may merely wish to change their water company to cut costs or because they are seeking a better service, the opportunity to develop their own supplies from groundwater and thus be able to compete with the utility companies could be highly lucrative. Indeed entering the water industry involves a lot of regulations and monitoring of
supply; however GGS is positioning itself to be the firm that can take the pain out of the process, dealing with everything from test drilling to license agreements.

Jonathan believes that the best way for local businesses to exploit these changes in legislation will not come from buying at wholesale and reselling, but when new supplies are established for a business or group of clustered businesses that use large quantities of water. In these scenarios any excess water could be ‘added to the grid’ and supplied
to customers.

 GGS has already helped established water supplies near Newcastle and Liverpool, but we hope that we can apply over 30 years of experience in the industry to further projects as awareness spreads about the exciting opportunities in the water market.

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